Syrian Exodus

In 2011, massive fighting broke out in Syria. Since then, more than four million Syrians fled their homeland, according to UNHCR, the refugee sector of The United Nations. Many escaped to neighboring nations such as Turkey, Jordon or Lebanon. But in recent months, many have begun to seek refuge in Western Europe, mainly Germany. This has resulted in a record number of asylum seekers from Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Balkan countries flooding into Europe. Through the use of human smugglers in Turkey, many brave drowning, deportation and even imprisonment in small, over crowded inflatable dinghies, to end up in Greece where they begin their journey to a better life. From Greece, refugees and migrants navigate their way through Balkan countries such as Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria to Hungary and eventually onward to Western Europe.

Much like the lives and futures of those making the migration, the journey is filled with danger and uncertainty. And representative of so many refugees making the journey, the story of Asaad Sieo, Majd Sulliman and Mahmoud Hamwi, Syrian refugees from Aleppo, shows the struggles and pain of those seeking a better life go through and the small moments of relief that help keep these dedicated young men going to find a better life in Germany.


This story was featured on MSNBC.